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New anon here. I'm going to get a little personal (hope you don't mind). In PF, how much of yourself do you project onto Irikah? Or is she the ideal figure you aspire to be?

Hello Nonny!

I like questions, especially about PF. With regards to Irikah, she is a mish mash of my sisters. My youngest sister loves to help people, even to the point where she gets taken advantage of. Irikah wants to help people, she loves her work as a teacher, and helping Thane is an extension of that. My other sister loves us all to pieces, but wants to keep us all at arms length. I wanted some of that in Irikah, especially early Irikah, as a reaction to my headcanon about drell society. 

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I am finally writing another chapter of Paper Flowers. I’ve only cried once. However I am insanely pleased to have Irikah back in my head.